​automatic pet food extruder machine


automatic pet food extruder machine

pet food extruder is a machine that manufactures extrudates, a common form of commercial dry canine foods. This technology of pet food processing forces the mixture of the ingredients through a spiral screw and then through the die of the extruder. During dog food machine factory extrusion processing,the ingredients are ground, mixed and heat-treated. As a result, a ribbon-like product (pet food product wet) is produced and dried afterwards. Extrusion cooking provides a very useful and economical tool for producing pet diets, since extrusion technology can use animal byproducts that otherwise need to be buried or burnt, which is costly or environmentally polluting . Extrusion cooking is, therefore, widely used to process,mix, functionally improve, detoxify, sterilize and texturize an increasing variety of feed commodities and food ingredients; about 95 percent of pet diets are extruded.  

double screw pet food extruder consists of a flighted screw which rotates in a tightly fitting cylindrical barrel. Raw ingredients are pre-ground and blended before being put in the feeding system of the extruder . The action of the flights on the screw pushes the processing products forward. In this way, the constituents are mixed into a viscous dough-like mass.

​automatic pet food extruder machine

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